BKBSWF NGO teaches the values which include the following pearls of wisdom and takes many more efforts to spread the knowledge and teaches all the steps of meditation. Meditation is an intensely personal and spiritual experience. We are here to take all creeds away from people because only then will life happen to be happy for you. We are not giving people anything to live by; we are simply taking all props away from you, all crutches. Meditation is the source; compassion is the overflow of that source. The non meditative man has no energy for love, for compassion, for celebration. They need our help and we promise them to make their life a better world.

Spreading Buddhism

Buddhism is not a religion but an “Art of Living”. Buddhism is not a religion, because first, the Buddha is not a Super “Natural Power.” The Buddha is simply a person who has reached a complete understanding of the reality of life and the universe. From Buddh Kirti Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha Wadhona Fata TQ Sengaon Dist Hingoli, we are trying to spread the moral ideals of Goutama Buddha among people to help them in healing their life problems.

Learning Sculpturing

The President of our society, Pujya Bhante Buddhakirti is a renowned Sculpture of Maharashtra, he has made various Buddha idols and sold them. He also made a statue of Tathagata Buddha in the society premises. He provides classes on sculpting for the youth.


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