Educational Institution

With the help of the members of BKBSWF NGO, we are going to establish some educational institutions in Hingoli District. Many poor boys and girls would be benefited, they will be taught the modern education system so that they can lead the society ahead with more responsibilities. Hence, the modern education system needs to be established which makes them self independent. BKBSWF NGO is going to appoint some teachers who will teach them about the Buddhist culture and the ideas of Tathagata Buddhadeb to lead them to a happy and peaceful life.

Protecting Cultural Heritage

Heritage is the main identification of a particular society, but due to negligence over some time it has been lost, no matter how the Heritage is small or big, it is equally important for all to preserve for the future generation. To save the Heritage of any particular society is very important, as it is the symbol of the generation and culture. Buddh Kirti Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha Wadhona Fata TQ Sengaon Dist Hingoli is trying to save the Buddhist Culture and history through spreading the culture among common people.

Vocational Training

The youth of Hingoli district are facing huge difficulties in improving their economic status as there are limited sources of income. BKBSWF NGO is providing Vocational training courses for the youth so that they can earn something of their own. Besides that, we also teach them about Buddhism to provide them another platform of becoming Preachers.


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