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Buddh Kirti Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha Wadhona Fata TQ Sengaon Dist Hingoli

Buddh Kirti Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha Wadhona Fata TQ Sengaon Dist Hingoli (BKBSWF NGO) was founded in 2019, with the object “to publish and make known the principles of Buddhism and to encourage the study and practice of those principles.” The Society provides a range of courses in Buddhist meditation and daily life practice. This course is offered free of charge to people serving a prison sentence and donated books are also freely available on request.

In addition to the regular courses, the Society offers a full program of events including special functions and celebration days, plus regular public lectures on the history, art, and culture of Buddhist countries. The venue for teachers and speakers is under process as there is a shortage of money.

An important aspect of the Society’s work is to provide a gateway for those who show a genuine interest in this ancient wisdom, and to present Buddhism in its essentials, in simple and understandable language. However, we also teach the basics of practice for those who simply wish to learn how to relax and find some peace and tranquillity. The Society also acts as a way station for those who wish to go deeper, by introducing and giving an outline of Buddhism as it is practiced today.


Buddh Kirti Bahuuddeshiy Sanstha Wadhona Fata TQ Sengaon Dist Hingoli is registered at Wadhona Fata with its administrative office in Singoli, Maharashtra, India. Society is –

Registered with the Charity Commissioner and the type of NGO is Trust (Non-Government) bearing the The Society Registration Act,1860 and the Registration Number is Society F-0007412 (HNG)

The city and state of registration are Wadhona Fata and Maharashtra. The date of registration is 02/05/2019. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is MH/2020/0268393.


“To empower the underserved and marginalized individuals and community through gender-sensitive participatory processes for achieving optimal and sustainable health and development”.


The Vision of the Society is to provide skilled training to the young population and shall create awareness about the health of an individual.


To be considered a Society that leads the best programs towards achieving respectful, generous, egalitarian, peaceful, and sustainable communities, where the poor and most vulnerable have equal rights and personal integrity, and equal access to social, cultural, and economic resources.


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